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​Three single, divorced and married stand-up comedians come to tell you about experiences from their different worlds because what they have in common is almost nothing ... except their big-mouthed dream​ Somewhere in faraway Tel Aviv live three people who only the standup brought them to the same crossroads of life and nothing else, three types who are single, married and divorced. The debauched bachelor looking for love or addicted to searches, the married man who understands he is losing all action but earning a normative life .. and the divorcee who is still trying to figure out what went wrong in his marriage, together they laugh at life and the world at embarrassing incidents, age and norms, slaughter every sacred cow and place A curved mirror on everything that just seems normal to you​ Doron Bracha - a wanted bachelor, specializes in mismatches on Tinder and short dates he pays for, complains about the world but laughs at himself ... he is stressed that he is single, last year he was really close to the wedding and moved to a ballroom. Avi Hayo - appeared on stages all over the country and got married - appeared in front of his wife years ago realized it was a mistake and returned to the stages! Talks about married life, the complex relationship, and everything in between Ronen Tiberias - talks about dates, strange situations between him and her, relationships, marriage, divorce, superstitions, and more ... In a rhythmic and authentic show, Ronen reaches the audience's eye level and shares In stories and experiences on various and varied topics that have not been heard anywhere else!

​ To book a show, contact:  050-8346200

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