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When it comes to traversing some of life’s most trying and tragic situations, sometimes the quickest way to turn that frown upside down is through comedy. For men and women around the world, attending a good comedy show can be exactly what they need to escape their reality for a little while and press that much needed reset button when things become too overwhelming.


More than ever comedians serve a valuable purpose in society, drawing attention to important cross-cultural and political issues in ways that can be challenging, entertaining and more often than not, funny. With such a heavy responsibility, it’s therefore understandable that only the cream of the crop amongst comedians become regulars on the stand-up circuit. Ronen Tverya, whose first name translates to ‘song of joy’ in Hebrew, is 

With Authentic Style, Comedian Ronen Tverya Works the Crowd


In the world of stand-up comedy, style and delivery are key. There’s a seemingly endless number of comedy styles-- slapstick, deadpan, satire, self-deprecating, parody etc., the list goes on and on; and while some genres overlap, not all of them will hit home with every audience, not by a long shot. But if the comedian on stage has good timing and nails the delivery, they can lead even the stiffest members of the crowd to crack a smile, in the majority of situations at least.

Ronen Tverya: The successful but humble & multi-hyphenate comedian

Comedians often fall into one of several categories: impressionist, political satirist, or social commentator. And then there's a few other specialists, including improv artists and musical comedians.

Ronen Tverya, who has been consistently performing at acclaimed venues in different cities, seems to fall into all of these. His candor and unique ability to bring a wide-ranging skill-set to his act have won him fans all over the world, from his native Israel to venues across the United States.

Q & A with Israeli Comedian Ronen Tverya

I recently had the opportunity to interview innovative and hilarious Israeli comedian Ronen Tverya. Ronen didn’t plan on doing comedy in the U.S. this year, but when he came here on vacation, he was asked to come in and perform as a guest at several of the country’s comedy hot spots.  Instead of just taking in the sites as a tourist in a foreign country, Ronen has been busy delivering his comedy routine to a totally new audience, and the reception has been altogether positive.

Ronen Tverya is doing Stand-up in Seattle


Up until Recently he was known as the Real-estate Master, selling properties in Tel-Aviv, but now he is here in Seattle, pursuing a career in Stand-up comedy. Let’s meet Ronen Tverya.

רונן טבריה – סטנדאפיסט בסיאטל

עד לא מזמן הוא היה אמן הנדל"ן בתל-אביב, הוא בכלל לא מטבריה, ודווקא גדל בחולון ועכשיו הגיע לסיאטל לנסות את מזלו בסטנד-אפ אחרי שהתאהב בתחום בארץ. בואו ונכיר את רונן טבריה.

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