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Bachelorette Party

Ronen Tverya- 100%

standup, 200% charm, and no - he is not from Tiberias
Looking for a show that is all about pure stand-up for your best friend's bachelorette party?

Tired of silly gimmicks that are repeated at every party?

Do you want to organize a bachelorette party that is full of laughter?

This is the time to get to know Ronen Tverya!

Ronen is 1.73 m of charms, the winner of the audience favorite award, and brings with him a dizzying charisma that will not leave you bored for even a second! In Ronen's standup show you will hear about all his different and weird dating stories, about his private journey crying out of laughter towards the relationship, and about all his life experiences that made him who he is today - the perfect comedian for the bachelorette party you organize.

Ronen's whole life revolves around stand-up - he appears in "comedy bar" and performs all over the country, initiates and produces private and business stand-up events, and shares authentic clips and videos on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

After a year-and-a-half tour in America - New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Washington, San Francisco, Boston, and more - Ronen returns to us to share with you all the insights he has gathered over the years, to talk about all the funniest and most relevant material for your life, And make you cry out of laughter.

So what is waiting for you at the bachelorette party with Ronen?
* Full show in Hebrew or English - to choose from.
* Excellent improvisations.
* Customized stand-up material for the bride and all the girlfriends.
If you too want to organize a party that is all about laughing with the bride and all the best friends, Ronen is just the man for you!
Come on, one phone and I'll be on my way there: 050-8346200

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